When shit got real with Ten, it got really, really real.


Meeting up with an internet friend for the first time like


limit line | do not edit.


i waited the whole trip to make this



sometimes i forget im a real person

this is such a weird thing but I understand.

If someone asked me why I like Zhang Yixing, these would probably be just some of my answers.

More than a celebrity, more than a bias, more than the glory of the stage, you are a role model to many. At least, you remind me everyday to be a better person. If I could be half the person you are, I think I would be very happy.

While going through a year’s worth of your videos for your countdown which I didn’t finish T.T, there have been so many great moments this year, but so much more we can never see. This year has been tough, but you’ve come a long way, I’m proud of you.

Let’s walk to the end. 生日快乐,小萌宝,我的长沙小骄傲!

Tim Minchin’s Nine Life Lessons - [x]



today can literally go fuck itself

The reaping scene

get shit done | a playlist to get you through your work (and help you feel like a badass)

i. sky battle ii. prologue iii. pacific rim iv. armies assemble v. hogwarts’ march vi. ithe son of flynn vii. fight on the flight deck viii. earth ix dream is collapsing x. nick fury xi. i am the doctor xii. fighting in the market xiii. main theme (extended) xiv. gotham’s reckoning xv. the black pearl xvi. courtyard apocalypse xvii. i am iron man xviii. muttations xix. the lighting of the beacons xx. black widow kicks ass xxi. flight xxii. the avengers xxiii. the battle xxiv.end titles xxv. sons of odin xxvi.the shatterdome xxvii.the end of all things xxviii. hassansin attack xxix. requiem for a dream xxx. welcome to scotland xxxi. outlands xxxii. sledgehammer v2 xxxiii. enterprising young men xxxiv. warriors on the beach xxxv. rise xxxvi. the council of elrond xxxvii. now you see me xxxviii. frost giant battle xxxix. the labyrinth xl. the sands of time



it’s actually so sad at how much I rely on having wifi for happiness


me: *is rude*
person: *is rude back*
me: don’t be fucking rude

Sometimes I’m Jungkook & other times I’m Jungkook.